An Eternal Love

He dreams of her every night,

She dreams of him every morning,

They love each other dearly.

So much so that one is the reflection of the other,

Yet they rarely meet.

Occasionally they weep for each other,

And the people down below,

The ones who separate them,

Rejoice and dance in the downpour.

Yet on the rare occasion of their meeting,

The very same people stare in awe,

As their love eclipses all.

They are separated for days on end,

By the days themselves,

Such is the sad love story of the sun and the moon.


Alone In A Storm

As leaves fall all around her,

She feels lost and lonely,

Like a lone leaf, alone among many,

Broken away from the mother tree,

Yet the wind swirls around,

Trying to bring the leaves together.

Not realizing the storm it is creating.